More than just a rowing
machine with water
resistance – a statement!

Performance foot rest

The foot position can be quickly and flexibly adjusted in height for an optimal rowing position. The comfortable foot straps offer perfect support at all times.

Powerful console

A razor-sharp color display and varied training programs. You have a clear overview of all your data at all times.

Dynamic water resistance

The ergonomically shaped paddles create an even and comfortable resistance. The resistance is generated solely by your use of force.

Comfortable rolling seat

The rolling seat runs almost noiselessly over the rails. The ergonomically shaped seat cushion ensures comfortable sitting.

STIL-FIT Rower FLOW ONE - Walnut

Redefining the rowing machine // STIL-FIT Rowing machine FLOW ONE The perfect whole-body workout Rowing is the perfect combination of strength and endurance training. All major muscle groups are intensivelytrained,...
Dhs. 16,500 Dhs. 14,800

Ergometer PURE

Multifunctional console

Tablet and mobile phone holder and a powerful training computer.

Minimal space requirement

Slim design and only 0.5 sqm floor space required.

Perfect ergonomics

3 different grip positions for a comfortable training experience.

Functional strength training

A strong body – essential in all situations. The characteristics of the functional training are the complex, free and everyday movements. You don’t train individual muscles, but rather whole muscle groups, thus improving coordination and mobility at the same time.


  • Almost all muscle groups can be ideally trained with our Functional Trainer.
  • Swiveling handles that are independently and infinitely adjustable.
  • A wide variety of accessories can be used.
  • With the optional Lat-Pull unit, the range of exercises increases significantly.

  • Through the three-dimensional training with free and everyday movements you activate and strengthen your core.
  • This ensures good body tension and an upright posture, improves your balance, prevents injuries and, above all, increases your general well-being.

  • Whether home gym, fitness studio, hotel or physiotherapy. Our Functional Trainer is designed for a wide variety of requirements.
  • Thanks to the special weight stack with a 2:1 ratio, you can start your workout with a minimum weight of only 1.25kg or work out with a maximum weight of up to 85kg.

    STIL-FIT Functional Trainer ESSENCE (Walnut wood)

    Space saving The STIL-FIT Functional Trainer optimizes the available space thanks to the compact dimensions. Multifunctional Strength machine Both handles can be swiveled and independently positioned at any height. The distance...
    Dhs. 21,000 Dhs. 15,500

    STIL-FIT Lat-Pull Unit (Functional Trainer)

    The Lat Pull – Unit adds a variety of additional workout possibilities to the STIL-FIT Functional Trainer. With the Lat bar you can work on your back and shoulder or...
    Dhs. 7,500 Dhs. 6,100

    STIL-FIT Ankle Strap (leather)

    The Stil-Fit Ankle Strap is made from high-quality saddle leather with a thick neoprene padding for a perfect and comfortable fit. It is ideal for abductor and adductor workouts. Thanks to...
    Dhs. 500 Dhs. 350

    STIL-FIT Back Stretch (walnut)

    Relaxation for your back After an intensive workout with our products the BACK Stretch is perfect to release tension and stretch your back and spine. It also makes a positive...
    Dhs. 800 Dhs. 500

    STIL-FIT Chop Bar (walnut)

    The STIL-FIT Chop Bar is a unique tool that offers a wide range of additional workouts. The cables can be attached on both ends. This allows for various exercises such as...
    Dhs. 1,100 Dhs. 850

    STIL-FIT Biceps / Triceps bar (walnut)

    The STIL-FIT Biceps / Triceps bar is the perfect tool for working on your arms. Thanks to the swivel it is always easy on your wrist by allowing a straight position...
    Dhs. 1,000 Dhs. 800

    STIL-FIT Latbar (walnut)

    The STIL-FIT Lat bar is made from solid wood and is the ideal add-on for our Lat-Pull Unit. The exercises with the Lat bar are perfect for an effective and versatile...
    Dhs. 1,600 Dhs. 1,250


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